Moving Time

August 29, 2010

Hey there!  Thanks for visiting, but SpinCycles has moved to a new home:  www.darcyknoblich.com

What are you waiting for?  Go check it out!


Goodies from DCAC

August 13, 2010

DCAC was last weekend.  Did you attend?   I didn’t so much attend as I shopped.   But I picked up some fun new toys.  In no particular order….

2 new Spinning CD’s.  You can find both of these on the Spinning website.  Aethernal is funky and I love it.   I think Cassiopea is more of traditional  spinning music with heavy beats  meant to be used during a Race Day Ride.   It may make an apperance on Saturday. 


Spinning Ride Book.  How cool is this?  Pressed for time?  Want an Endurance Energy Zone ride?  Well it’s right here in this handy dandy book.  52 profiles/5 Energy Zones, all created by Spinning Master Instructors.  I’m already looking through it to plan Saturday’s ride. 


And…….a Pilates Stick! 

 Arghh!  I’ve been waiting since June for this bad boy.  Which really isn’t a long time, but considering I wanted to buy it at WSSC, but couldn’t because I am the queen of over-packing and ran out of room, it feels like a long time to me.  I love this.  It’s like having a reformer in your house.  Am hoping my abs will start to look like her’s….

…after some hard work of course. (and airbrushing?!?!)

We had an amazing ride on Saturday and I apologize for not posting the playlist and profiler earlier.  I ended up in a teaching trifecta last week with a 9am Spinning, 10am Spinning and 11am Total Body Conditioning.  This profile is from the 10am class.  And it will rock your face off.   It’s an Endurance Energy Zone profile.  And to answer one of the members’ questions:  is this your new favorite way to ride?  I say Hell yeah!  I do love Endurance.  First of all, I like it when I can find that mental and physical “zone.”  That feeling when you lose yourself in the ride, nothing exists beyond the bike the Spinning room, and you are just present in the moment.  Hmmm, love it!  Secondly, I have noticed changes in my body from riding Endurance like this a couple of times a week.  My heart rates comes down much faster on recoveries & I feel stronger.   So here it is.  I hope you love it as much as I do:      

Spinning #66: ENDURANCE of Four Rolling Hills  9 Songs 49.5 minutes.  Find the iTunes iMix here

Midnight Star (Oasis vs. The chemical Brothers)—DJ Lobsterdust (4:43)  Warm Up.  This ride is going to be an Endurance ride of 4 rolling hills.  Each a little steeper and longer than the last.  The objective of this training is to stay within your aerobic training zone:  Zone 2 or 65-75% of MHR

The Earth Rotation Around the Sun—Wolfmother (2:46)  Seated flat, find your road resistance –moderate…breathable.

Lights Out—Santigold (3:13)  Add road and focus your thoughts on your pedal strokes.  Do some smooth pedal work, isolating first the right, then the left leg. 

The Adventure—Angels & Airwaves (5:13)  First Roller..Mild climb. Guide your heart rate up to 75% of max (or  moderately hard, conversation would require effort)

  • Progressively add resistance until your hit your seated climb
  • Seated Climb until 4:20:  unload hill, maintain HR

They Don’t Want Music—Black Eyed Peas with James Brown (6:47)  2nd rolling hill

  • Use first 1min 30 seconds to add to the flywheel
  • Hold Seated Climb 1:30-4:45
  • 4:45-5:45 easy smooth transitions of switch backs
  • 5:45-END:  Unload the hill, maintain the road and your heart rate

Back In Your Head (Tiesto Remix)—Tegan and Sarah (8:10)  3rd Rolling hill 

  • Take 3 minutes to find the hill (steeper than the first 2)
  • 3:00-7:00  Seated Climb…add a gear.  Hold cadence and HR steady
  • At 7:00 Unload the hill, back down.  Maintain HR

Papua New Guinea (Translation 1-12”Originial)—The Future Sound of London (5:00)  Start  the last rolling hill, which is 2 songs long.  This is part one:

  • 0-1:30 Add road, get ready to go up and over
  • 1:30-3:00, make it steeper
  • 3:00-4:30, add more load, but keep your HR in check
  • 4:30-END…Seated Climb

Heaven—Angels & Airwaves (6:38)  Part two— Stay in Seated Climb for first 4:15 minutes

  • 4:15-5:07  Easy smooth transitions on switch backs. 
  • At 5:07  Final Seated climb to the end.  HOLD ON!

Rimini Chill (Lost In Paradise)—Islands of Chill (7:07) cool down and stretch

Amazing, right?!?!!


Movin’ to the country, I’m gonna eat a lot of peaches

August 4, 2010

No, the title of this post has nothing to do with my playlist or profile, but it was stuck in my head all day on Sunday (and a little on Monday morning too.)  So why am I singing this catchy little song?  Well, last weekend my incredible friend Emily & I ventured into the country  to pick peaches and blackberries at Great Country Farms….cue the annoying peaches lyrics (are you singing it now too?  Millions of peaches, peaches for me…Millions of peaches, peaches for free) 

Unfortunately, the blackberries were picked over by the time we made it there, but the peaches were all ready for us.  Little did we know, but we arrived just as the hayride was leaving for the orchard. (yes, I said “hayride” though it was more of a covered wagon, don’t you just love the countryness of it?) 

With no time to run back to the car to dump our purses Em and I boarded the wagon complete with our fancy-pants city purses.  Yes, we looked absolutely ridiculous, but not nearly as silly as we looked toting them through the orchard.  Nothing like carrying a giant purse as you fondled peaches… 



And more peaches….

When was the last time you actually ate something that you picked with your own hands?  It was fantastic!  Want to know what was even more fantastic than handpicked peaches?  Um, the Bluemont Vineyard that was conveniently located right across the street.  Hell yeah!  That’s my kind of a Sunday, which was preceded by a pretty nice Saturday too.  2 Spinning classes, back to back.  I used the same profile and playlist for both.  As an aside, it always fascinates me how different the energy of the ride will be from 9am to 10am.  Especially when I teach the same profile….hmmmm… 

This ride is based on Paul’s Hyperspace Spin Mix on one of my favorite spinning blogs:  Spinning Music.  Of course I had to shorten his original ride (his is 75 minutes long) & I changed a few songs around (‘cause I’m picky like that).  But overall, it’s nearly identical to his original ride.  This is Spinning #65:  14 songs, 50.3 minutes.  Find the iTunes iMix here

The ride is divided into three segments.  Each segment has 2 climbs, followed by a seated flat.  Our goal is to add nine heart beats by the end of each segment.  The ride will get progressively harder.  Try and maintain your intensity all the way to the end. 

The Warm Up

No Love Lost—LCD Soundsystem (3:40)  Find road resistance, just ride and loosen up. 

Gel—Collective Soul (2:58)  Keep your heart rate around 60-65% Max: feeling comfortable, you could converse with little effort.

All My Life—Foo Fighters (4:24) Seated flat, heart rate should be at 65% by end of this song.  Come in and out of the saddle with the chorus.   

Segment 1—by the end of this, be at 70% MHR or a moderate effort

Out of the Blue—Julian Casablancas (4:41)  Standing climb.  The work is beginning

Cream and Bastards Rise—Harvey Danger (3:18)  Keep the standing climb going strong.  Conversation would require some effort.  Cadence is a little faster

I Want You to Want Me—Letters to Cleo (3:26)  Seated flat.

Segment 2—by the end of this, be at 75% MHR or Moderately hard effort

Prophecy—Remy Zero (3:24)  Seated climb.   Conversation would require a bit more of effort.

Hyperspace—Nada surf (4:36)  Standing climb.  A little faster. 

I’ll Be Your Jonny On the Spot—Ween (2:00)  Seated flat.  Should be at 75% intensity.

(Final) Segment 3—by the end of this, be at 80-85% MHR or Difficult to Very Difficult effort

In My Head—Queens of the Stone Age (4:01)  Standing climb.  Find your comfortably uncomfortable zone & work it.

Who Taught You to Live Like That?—Sloan (3:02)  Seated climb.  Conversation requires a lot of effort. 

The ’59 Sound—The Gaslight Anthem (3:13)  Kill it with 3 sprints (a la Mad Dogg)

Cool Down/Stretch—bring yourself back down to 60% max, all the way back to your starting point

The Fear—Lily Allen (3:27)

Better Together—Jack Johnson (4:15) 

I found the main challenge in managing my intensity.  It’s a test of your control not to hit the first segment too hard.  You must listen to your body & watch your heart rate.  And the intensity just builds and builds and builds.  I’m not going to lie, the back half of this ride really bites, but feels good! 

My teaching schedule for this Saturday at WSC-Alexandria:

  • 9am Spinning (subbing for Deirdre)
  • 10am Spinning—I’m working on an Endurance ride for us.  We’ll see how that develops….regardless, wear your padded shorts & heart rate monitors!
  • 11am Total Body Conditioning

Whew, it’s going to be an awesome Saturday!  And sometime this weekend I’m going to hit up the Trade Show at DCAC.  I didn’t sign up for the conference since many of the courses are similar to ones I took at WSSC in June…but I need to get my shop on.  I’m thinking another Spinning CD (or two), maybe some Pilates educational stuff, and a jersey if I’m lucky. 

One last mention:   Happy Birthday to Erica, one of my best friends in the whole wide world!  And, incidentally, the one who inspired me to become a Spinning Instructor.  Happy Birthday!!!




Mid-Week Bonus Post!

July 28, 2010

Quick little post (complete with photos) to let you know what I was up to last weekend.  We had a wedding to attend in New Jersey.  But not the NJ I was familiar with…you know, the one with the Turnpike, odd odor, and random fist pumping.  No, no, this was the Garden State in its truest form.  But before we get to that, let me tell you about beginning of our trip.  It’s worth the read, I promise…

We left Thursday night.  A little later than usual, but that’s typical.  Said goodbye to the pooches and hit road.  A little bit into the drive I started turning into an ice cube due to PJK’s relentless use of the air conditioner.  After unsuccessfully warming myself by curling into a ball I started to ask, and possibly get a little naggy, about stopping so I could get some sweat pants out of my suitcase.  It was at this point that PJK turned to me & said the following:

PJKI have a funny feeling I didn’t put your suitcase in the car.

Me: What do you mean?  I saw you take it outside.

PJKYes, but I don’t remember putting it in the trunk.  I remember taking it to the car and sitting it next to the bumper, but I don’t remember actually placing it in the trunk.

Me: (silence + death stare)

Luckily we were sitting in stop-and-go traffic, and I had about 5 seconds to jump out of the car & check the trunk.  Which I did, quickly & swiftly (like a ninja).  Can you guess what I saw in there?  Yep, everything but my suitcase. 


We were in Delaware. 

My suitcase was in the parking lot in Virginia. 

And it was midnight. 


Do you know how hard it is to get a neighbor on the phone at midnight on a Thursday to see if they will a.) Look outside & see if my suitcase still is, in fact there and b.) Bring my suitcase inside, because I’ll be home about 2 hours to retrieve it. 

That’s right, we turned around and drove right back home.  I have a feeling PJK wasn’t too thrilled with this plan, but everything (seriously, everything) I needed for the weekend was in that suitcase.  If it was even still there…which I did not know at that point.   Mad love to my house sitter for answering his phone,  recovering the bag, bringing it inside & tolerating our 2 am entrance and departure the next day.  A thousand thank yous!

Regardless of our rocky start, the weekend and wedding was fantastic.  As I mentioned it was in New Jersey at the Crystal Springs Resort.  Who knew NJ looked like this?

There were these giant hamster balls and this sweet cliff to jump off into the pool. 

And I’m not confirming anything, but there may have been some unauthorized cliff jumping around 1am after the reception.  

Oh, and they had these fantastic group exercise classes….I took a kick-butt yoga class on Saturday morning.  It felt sooo good to stretch after being in the car for so long.   

Here’s our standard wedding self-portrait:

Check back next week for a proper post, complete with a profile & playlist. 



TDF 2010

July 18, 2010

Have you been watching?  I have…well, sporadically anyway.  I was so motivated by the racing that I had it set in my mind that this week I wanted to teach a profile inspired by this incredible race.  Rather than creating my own (we all know most of my free time last week was spent Body Pumping my brains out) I did the only thing I know how:  Google it!

In addition to a kick ass TDF profile, I found another great group fitness site:  GroupFitPowerFor Saturday’s ride I borrowed Krista’s Spinning Profile:  TDF 2007, Stage 15 (SEZ).  You can find her post about this ride by clicking herealthough it was originally designed by Patrick Schutte.  Don’t you just love that about the Spinning community?  We all genuinely help each other out and in turn, we all become better instructors. 

I made a few musical changes & had to eliminate one song completely to adhere to our 45 minute class layout.  My playlist ended up looking like this: 

Walk On the Wild Side—DJ Disse (7:09)

Break On Through—DJ Disse (5:57)

Crash—Cavo (3:15)

Fever—Black Lagoon (4:02)

Wild and Young—American Bang (3:36)

Every Morning—Basshunter (3:16)

Fall With Me—Son of the Velvet Rat (3:01)

Hush—Kula Shaker (2:56)

Dilruba (Andy Gray Grayed Out Remix)—Niyaz (8:01)

Ever Think About Me?—Josh Harris (2:30)

Cochise—Audioslave (3:42)

One of Those Days—Joshua Radin (3:03)

I’d Rather Be With You—Joshua Radin (2:49)

This was an amazing ride & once again I was impressed by how hard everyone worked!  You can find my iTunes iMix here

A couple of updates before I call it a night: 

  1. I’m out of town next weekend, but Tal (yes, that Tal…the one and only “original” 10am Saturday Spinning instructor) will teach my Saturday class for me.    
  2. My inaugural Monday  6:30pm Spinning class kicks off at WSC-Alexandria tomorrow
  3. I haven’t gone back to Tidal EPC for my Active Metabolic Re-Test  (yet.)  I got a little out of sync with my training schedule about a week ago (i.e. took about 5 days off).   But I’m back on track.  My super-elaborate tracking system for remembering which base-building workout I’m supposed to be following : 


Hey, if it’s important…it goes on my hand!  The good news is that I have noticed a difference in my work-outs.   I’m going to stretch out the training just about 1 more week & then head back for re-testing the first week of August.  Can’t wait!

Be well– 


Let’s Pretend

July 11, 2010

Let’s pretend this weekend was last weekend…’mkay?  So, Happy 4th of July!  Fireworks!   BBQ’s!  Red-white-blue and other things associated with Independence Day!  The highlight of our weekend was a hot little trip to the beach. 

Sooo perfect!  If I closed my eyes and concentrated real hard, it was like we were back in Mexico.   Hmmmm…Mexico. 

But, prior to the beach I taught an awesome (little aside here..I think I overuse that word…awesome, awesome, and awesome) ride on Saturday morning.  The class was full and the energy was sky high!  It was a great ride. 

Spinning #63  9 songs, 47 minutes:  this is a strength energy zone profile and consists of 2 hills, but not much else.  You can find the iTunes playlist here

What Part of Forever (Johan Hugo Remix)—Cee Lo Green (4: 52)  Are you ready to climb today?  Let’s get warmed up!  Keep work in the strength interval zone:  75-85% of max HR. Constant resistance—moderate to heavy load on the flywheel.  RPM’s between 60-80.

Let It Happen—Jimmy Eat World (3:26)  Standing flat.  Start to bring your heart rate up to 65-75% of max

It’s Thunder and It’s Lightening—We Were Promised Jetpacks (4:49)  Seated hill.  Progressive resistance loading.  Add resistance every 1 minute.  Keep it aerobic!  Breathe and relax. 

Pride—Syntax (6:17)  Stay in Seated Climb.  Adjust resistance based on HR or perceived exertion.  Take a butt break at the 3 minute mark, but settle back after about 30-45 seconds ( I couldn’t find this on Amazon, but it’s an amazing song.  Please check it out on iTunes)

Leave the Memories Alone—Fuel (3:58)  Last leg of our first seated climb.  AT 1:43 make the hill steeper & stronger.  Power up at 2:30…finish out of the saddle and be strong! 

High Roller—The Crystal Method (5:30)  Seated flat until 1min, let your heart rate settle down.  Find your focus, the next hill is beginning now:  Turn resistance knob so you have to come out of the saddle.  Stand until 3: 38min…then sit.  (the song kind of peters out at the 4 minute mark.  I fast forwarded to the next song so I wouldn’t lose momentum)

Weapon of Choice—Fatboy Slim (5:46)  Jumps on a hill…simulated switchbacks.   Work on smooth transitions.  Use even 8 counts in the saddle 8 counts out.  

Climbatize—The Prodigy (6:37)  Last leg of our final climb.  In the saddle for 3 minutes.  Shut your eyes, focus on intensity.  This will be the most intense of our whole class.  Start standing, sit for about a minute ½ way through and finish strong out of the saddle.   

Chakra Dance (Radio Edit)—Brent Lewis (5:56)  Cool down and stretch (can’t find this one on Amazon either!)

Benefits of strength rides like this: 

  • Helps your relax and focus during a challenging workout
  • Psychological intensity will increase
  • Improves muscular endurance
  • Sharpens climbing skills and strength

 With the new WSC-Alexandria Summer Schedule in full effect, here’s my new teaching schedule:

  • Monday 6:30pm Spinning (Alex will teach tomorrow, but I take over next week)
  • Tuesday 6:15am Spinning
  • Saturday 10am Spinning
  • Saturday 11am Total Body Conditioning (I will be sharing this class with Sara)

And, I personally think this is the most exciting change, I’m going to be teaching Body Pump at XSport Fitness in Merrifield!  Since the pilot BP program at WSC ended about a month ago I feared my Les Mills days were in my past.  I was more than a little mopey about it, so imagine my excitement when I heard XSport was hiring!  My audition was a couple of weeks ago; I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to jinx it.  But it’s official now….my new class is Tuesday at 6:30pm!  By the way, Release 74 launches this week, who-hoo! 


–you’ll have to excuse me, as I have a little, ahem, memorization of a track or two to take care of tonight. 



June 29, 2010

The inevitable has happened.  I have officially entered the Facebook universe.   I can’t believe I caved into the peer pressure.  But I did.  And look (you are going to have to imagine me pointing down at the lower right-hand corner of the page)…I even added a link so we can all be friends. 

But I have to warn you.  I’m a horrible Facebook friend.  My page is very barren, no good pictures to look at and not much else going on either.  Also, I have no idea what to write on my wall and am coming to conclusion that other people lead way more exciting lives than I do.  Yesterday I contemplated writing about my overwhelming desire for a disgusting, chemical-laden 2-beef patties/special sauce kind-of a burger…and when my willpower was at its weakest how I sheepishly entered a drive thru only to be told there wasn’t any electricity at the un-named establishment & that my craving would go unmet.  Then I was going to prattle on about something like the universe was sending me a message loud and clear (Darcy, do not eat that crap) and about how I had to obey.  I mean, it was the Universe!  And because it really is crap, but like 10% of the time you’ve got to give yourself permission to fall off (or on….can’t ever remember the correct analogy) the wagon.  ‘Cause a 90-10 ratio is pretty darn good…

 But really, really do you want to read silly stuff like that on my FB page?  At least when I post brainless stories like that here you have to option of scrolling down & getting to the good stuff (i.e. stuff that is actually relevant to spinning and/or fitness.)  So how about that for an endorsement?   Ta da!

And on to the good stuff.   On Saturday we rode Spinning Profile #62:  Out and Back 

10 songs, 46.1 minutes, find the iTunes playlist here

We did an Endurance ride last week (which I loved), but we are back to the Interval Energy Zone for this one.  We will start on a flat road, move into a few climbs, back to a flat—then (figuratively) turn around and head back over the climbs to the start, where a final stair step awaits us. 

Surin (Unmixed)—Quivver (6:21)   warm up

Switchback [2001] INSTRUMENTAL—Celldweller (3:58)  Fast flat.  Get your heart rate up to 80-85% max.  It should be a hard effort

Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) [The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Song] {feat. Freshlyground}—Shakira (3:23)  Moderately steep climb.  Heart rate 85%.  3 tweaks to the top…one every minute. 

All My Friends—LCD Soundsystem (7:42)

  • 0-2:00 Fast seated flat (80-85%)
  • 2:00-3:00  Fast steep standing climb (85-90%)
  • 3:00-4:00  Fast seated flat.  
  • 4:00-5:00 Fast steep standing climb.
  • 5:00-6:00  Fast seated flat. 
  • 6:00-7:42  Standing run.

The Line (Bonus Track)—Battles (5:06)

  • 0-1:00  Grab a drink.  Turn around, & we’ll do it in reverse (for the most part)
  • 1:00-2:00  Standing climb
  • 2:00-3:00 Fast seated flat 
  • 3:00-4:00 Steep standing climb 
  • 4:00-5:06  Fast seated flat   

Punks—Niels Bye Nielsen (1:22)  standing flat.  Jog if you need recovery, run if you don’t. 

Crossfire—Brandon Flowers (4:18)  Moderate climb.  In or out of the saddle, your choice.  Let the music dictate your pace. 

Cutdown—Matt & Kim (2:52)  Fast seated flat.  The finish is right around the corner.

Vox Populi—30 Seconds to Mars (5:43)  Our big dramatic finish.  Let your intensity match the drama of the song.  30 second stair steps.  Heavy resistance, like a climb in the saddle.    

What You Thought You Need—Jack Johnson (5:27)  Cool down and stretch. 

With the summer right on top of us there will be some changes coming to WSC-Alexandria Group Exercise schedule.  I’ll post my part as soon as I get confirmation.  In the meantime, and despite the upcoming Independence Day holiday,  I plan to teach Saturday at 10am (unless I can find a sub, then I will be headed down to VA Beach for some sun.)

So, I guess maybe I’ll see you on Saturday….until then…