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TDF 2010

July 18, 2010

Have you been watching?  I have…well, sporadically anyway.  I was so motivated by the racing that I had it set in my mind that this week I wanted to teach a profile inspired by this incredible race.  Rather than creating my own (we all know most of my free time last week was spent Body Pumping my brains out) I did the only thing I know how:  Google it!

In addition to a kick ass TDF profile, I found another great group fitness site:  GroupFitPowerFor Saturday’s ride I borrowed Krista’s Spinning Profile:  TDF 2007, Stage 15 (SEZ).  You can find her post about this ride by clicking herealthough it was originally designed by Patrick Schutte.  Don’t you just love that about the Spinning community?  We all genuinely help each other out and in turn, we all become better instructors. 

I made a few musical changes & had to eliminate one song completely to adhere to our 45 minute class layout.  My playlist ended up looking like this: 

Walk On the Wild Side—DJ Disse (7:09)

Break On Through—DJ Disse (5:57)

Crash—Cavo (3:15)

Fever—Black Lagoon (4:02)

Wild and Young—American Bang (3:36)

Every Morning—Basshunter (3:16)

Fall With Me—Son of the Velvet Rat (3:01)

Hush—Kula Shaker (2:56)

Dilruba (Andy Gray Grayed Out Remix)—Niyaz (8:01)

Ever Think About Me?—Josh Harris (2:30)

Cochise—Audioslave (3:42)

One of Those Days—Joshua Radin (3:03)

I’d Rather Be With You—Joshua Radin (2:49)

This was an amazing ride & once again I was impressed by how hard everyone worked!  You can find my iTunes iMix here

A couple of updates before I call it a night: 

  1. I’m out of town next weekend, but Tal (yes, that Tal…the one and only “original” 10am Saturday Spinning instructor) will teach my Saturday class for me.    
  2. My inaugural Monday  6:30pm Spinning class kicks off at WSC-Alexandria tomorrow
  3. I haven’t gone back to Tidal EPC for my Active Metabolic Re-Test  (yet.)  I got a little out of sync with my training schedule about a week ago (i.e. took about 5 days off).   But I’m back on track.  My super-elaborate tracking system for remembering which base-building workout I’m supposed to be following : 


Hey, if it’s important…it goes on my hand!  The good news is that I have noticed a difference in my work-outs.   I’m going to stretch out the training just about 1 more week & then head back for re-testing the first week of August.  Can’t wait!

Be well–