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Movin’ to the country, I’m gonna eat a lot of peaches

August 4, 2010

No, the title of this post has nothing to do with my playlist or profile, but it was stuck in my head all day on Sunday (and a little on Monday morning too.)  So why am I singing this catchy little song?  Well, last weekend my incredible friend Emily & I ventured into the country  to pick peaches and blackberries at Great Country Farms….cue the annoying peaches lyrics (are you singing it now too?  Millions of peaches, peaches for me…Millions of peaches, peaches for free) 

Unfortunately, the blackberries were picked over by the time we made it there, but the peaches were all ready for us.  Little did we know, but we arrived just as the hayride was leaving for the orchard. (yes, I said “hayride” though it was more of a covered wagon, don’t you just love the countryness of it?) 

With no time to run back to the car to dump our purses Em and I boarded the wagon complete with our fancy-pants city purses.  Yes, we looked absolutely ridiculous, but not nearly as silly as we looked toting them through the orchard.  Nothing like carrying a giant purse as you fondled peaches… 



And more peaches….

When was the last time you actually ate something that you picked with your own hands?  It was fantastic!  Want to know what was even more fantastic than handpicked peaches?  Um, the Bluemont Vineyard that was conveniently located right across the street.  Hell yeah!  That’s my kind of a Sunday, which was preceded by a pretty nice Saturday too.  2 Spinning classes, back to back.  I used the same profile and playlist for both.  As an aside, it always fascinates me how different the energy of the ride will be from 9am to 10am.  Especially when I teach the same profile….hmmmm… 

This ride is based on Paul’s Hyperspace Spin Mix on one of my favorite spinning blogs:  Spinning Music.  Of course I had to shorten his original ride (his is 75 minutes long) & I changed a few songs around (‘cause I’m picky like that).  But overall, it’s nearly identical to his original ride.  This is Spinning #65:  14 songs, 50.3 minutes.  Find the iTunes iMix here

The ride is divided into three segments.  Each segment has 2 climbs, followed by a seated flat.  Our goal is to add nine heart beats by the end of each segment.  The ride will get progressively harder.  Try and maintain your intensity all the way to the end. 

The Warm Up

No Love Lost—LCD Soundsystem (3:40)  Find road resistance, just ride and loosen up. 

Gel—Collective Soul (2:58)  Keep your heart rate around 60-65% Max: feeling comfortable, you could converse with little effort.

All My Life—Foo Fighters (4:24) Seated flat, heart rate should be at 65% by end of this song.  Come in and out of the saddle with the chorus.   

Segment 1—by the end of this, be at 70% MHR or a moderate effort

Out of the Blue—Julian Casablancas (4:41)  Standing climb.  The work is beginning

Cream and Bastards Rise—Harvey Danger (3:18)  Keep the standing climb going strong.  Conversation would require some effort.  Cadence is a little faster

I Want You to Want Me—Letters to Cleo (3:26)  Seated flat.

Segment 2—by the end of this, be at 75% MHR or Moderately hard effort

Prophecy—Remy Zero (3:24)  Seated climb.   Conversation would require a bit more of effort.

Hyperspace—Nada surf (4:36)  Standing climb.  A little faster. 

I’ll Be Your Jonny On the Spot—Ween (2:00)  Seated flat.  Should be at 75% intensity.

(Final) Segment 3—by the end of this, be at 80-85% MHR or Difficult to Very Difficult effort

In My Head—Queens of the Stone Age (4:01)  Standing climb.  Find your comfortably uncomfortable zone & work it.

Who Taught You to Live Like That?—Sloan (3:02)  Seated climb.  Conversation requires a lot of effort. 

The ’59 Sound—The Gaslight Anthem (3:13)  Kill it with 3 sprints (a la Mad Dogg)

Cool Down/Stretch—bring yourself back down to 60% max, all the way back to your starting point

The Fear—Lily Allen (3:27)

Better Together—Jack Johnson (4:15) 

I found the main challenge in managing my intensity.  It’s a test of your control not to hit the first segment too hard.  You must listen to your body & watch your heart rate.  And the intensity just builds and builds and builds.  I’m not going to lie, the back half of this ride really bites, but feels good! 

My teaching schedule for this Saturday at WSC-Alexandria:

  • 9am Spinning (subbing for Deirdre)
  • 10am Spinning—I’m working on an Endurance ride for us.  We’ll see how that develops….regardless, wear your padded shorts & heart rate monitors!
  • 11am Total Body Conditioning

Whew, it’s going to be an awesome Saturday!  And sometime this weekend I’m going to hit up the Trade Show at DCAC.  I didn’t sign up for the conference since many of the courses are similar to ones I took at WSSC in June…but I need to get my shop on.  I’m thinking another Spinning CD (or two), maybe some Pilates educational stuff, and a jersey if I’m lucky. 

One last mention:   Happy Birthday to Erica, one of my best friends in the whole wide world!  And, incidentally, the one who inspired me to become a Spinning Instructor.  Happy Birthday!!!




Let’s Pretend

July 11, 2010

Let’s pretend this weekend was last weekend…’mkay?  So, Happy 4th of July!  Fireworks!   BBQ’s!  Red-white-blue and other things associated with Independence Day!  The highlight of our weekend was a hot little trip to the beach. 

Sooo perfect!  If I closed my eyes and concentrated real hard, it was like we were back in Mexico.   Hmmmm…Mexico. 

But, prior to the beach I taught an awesome (little aside here..I think I overuse that word…awesome, awesome, and awesome) ride on Saturday morning.  The class was full and the energy was sky high!  It was a great ride. 

Spinning #63  9 songs, 47 minutes:  this is a strength energy zone profile and consists of 2 hills, but not much else.  You can find the iTunes playlist here

What Part of Forever (Johan Hugo Remix)—Cee Lo Green (4: 52)  Are you ready to climb today?  Let’s get warmed up!  Keep work in the strength interval zone:  75-85% of max HR. Constant resistance—moderate to heavy load on the flywheel.  RPM’s between 60-80.

Let It Happen—Jimmy Eat World (3:26)  Standing flat.  Start to bring your heart rate up to 65-75% of max

It’s Thunder and It’s Lightening—We Were Promised Jetpacks (4:49)  Seated hill.  Progressive resistance loading.  Add resistance every 1 minute.  Keep it aerobic!  Breathe and relax. 

Pride—Syntax (6:17)  Stay in Seated Climb.  Adjust resistance based on HR or perceived exertion.  Take a butt break at the 3 minute mark, but settle back after about 30-45 seconds ( I couldn’t find this on Amazon, but it’s an amazing song.  Please check it out on iTunes)

Leave the Memories Alone—Fuel (3:58)  Last leg of our first seated climb.  AT 1:43 make the hill steeper & stronger.  Power up at 2:30…finish out of the saddle and be strong! 

High Roller—The Crystal Method (5:30)  Seated flat until 1min, let your heart rate settle down.  Find your focus, the next hill is beginning now:  Turn resistance knob so you have to come out of the saddle.  Stand until 3: 38min…then sit.  (the song kind of peters out at the 4 minute mark.  I fast forwarded to the next song so I wouldn’t lose momentum)

Weapon of Choice—Fatboy Slim (5:46)  Jumps on a hill…simulated switchbacks.   Work on smooth transitions.  Use even 8 counts in the saddle 8 counts out.  

Climbatize—The Prodigy (6:37)  Last leg of our final climb.  In the saddle for 3 minutes.  Shut your eyes, focus on intensity.  This will be the most intense of our whole class.  Start standing, sit for about a minute ½ way through and finish strong out of the saddle.   

Chakra Dance (Radio Edit)—Brent Lewis (5:56)  Cool down and stretch (can’t find this one on Amazon either!)

Benefits of strength rides like this: 

  • Helps your relax and focus during a challenging workout
  • Psychological intensity will increase
  • Improves muscular endurance
  • Sharpens climbing skills and strength

 With the new WSC-Alexandria Summer Schedule in full effect, here’s my new teaching schedule:

  • Monday 6:30pm Spinning (Alex will teach tomorrow, but I take over next week)
  • Tuesday 6:15am Spinning
  • Saturday 10am Spinning
  • Saturday 11am Total Body Conditioning (I will be sharing this class with Sara)

And, I personally think this is the most exciting change, I’m going to be teaching Body Pump at XSport Fitness in Merrifield!  Since the pilot BP program at WSC ended about a month ago I feared my Les Mills days were in my past.  I was more than a little mopey about it, so imagine my excitement when I heard XSport was hiring!  My audition was a couple of weeks ago; I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to jinx it.  But it’s official now….my new class is Tuesday at 6:30pm!  By the way, Release 74 launches this week, who-hoo! 


–you’ll have to excuse me, as I have a little, ahem, memorization of a track or two to take care of tonight. 



June 29, 2010

The inevitable has happened.  I have officially entered the Facebook universe.   I can’t believe I caved into the peer pressure.  But I did.  And look (you are going to have to imagine me pointing down at the lower right-hand corner of the page)…I even added a link so we can all be friends. 

But I have to warn you.  I’m a horrible Facebook friend.  My page is very barren, no good pictures to look at and not much else going on either.  Also, I have no idea what to write on my wall and am coming to conclusion that other people lead way more exciting lives than I do.  Yesterday I contemplated writing about my overwhelming desire for a disgusting, chemical-laden 2-beef patties/special sauce kind-of a burger…and when my willpower was at its weakest how I sheepishly entered a drive thru only to be told there wasn’t any electricity at the un-named establishment & that my craving would go unmet.  Then I was going to prattle on about something like the universe was sending me a message loud and clear (Darcy, do not eat that crap) and about how I had to obey.  I mean, it was the Universe!  And because it really is crap, but like 10% of the time you’ve got to give yourself permission to fall off (or on….can’t ever remember the correct analogy) the wagon.  ‘Cause a 90-10 ratio is pretty darn good…

 But really, really do you want to read silly stuff like that on my FB page?  At least when I post brainless stories like that here you have to option of scrolling down & getting to the good stuff (i.e. stuff that is actually relevant to spinning and/or fitness.)  So how about that for an endorsement?   Ta da!

And on to the good stuff.   On Saturday we rode Spinning Profile #62:  Out and Back 

10 songs, 46.1 minutes, find the iTunes playlist here

We did an Endurance ride last week (which I loved), but we are back to the Interval Energy Zone for this one.  We will start on a flat road, move into a few climbs, back to a flat—then (figuratively) turn around and head back over the climbs to the start, where a final stair step awaits us. 

Surin (Unmixed)—Quivver (6:21)   warm up

Switchback [2001] INSTRUMENTAL—Celldweller (3:58)  Fast flat.  Get your heart rate up to 80-85% max.  It should be a hard effort

Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) [The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Song] {feat. Freshlyground}—Shakira (3:23)  Moderately steep climb.  Heart rate 85%.  3 tweaks to the top…one every minute. 

All My Friends—LCD Soundsystem (7:42)

  • 0-2:00 Fast seated flat (80-85%)
  • 2:00-3:00  Fast steep standing climb (85-90%)
  • 3:00-4:00  Fast seated flat.  
  • 4:00-5:00 Fast steep standing climb.
  • 5:00-6:00  Fast seated flat. 
  • 6:00-7:42  Standing run.

The Line (Bonus Track)—Battles (5:06)

  • 0-1:00  Grab a drink.  Turn around, & we’ll do it in reverse (for the most part)
  • 1:00-2:00  Standing climb
  • 2:00-3:00 Fast seated flat 
  • 3:00-4:00 Steep standing climb 
  • 4:00-5:06  Fast seated flat   

Punks—Niels Bye Nielsen (1:22)  standing flat.  Jog if you need recovery, run if you don’t. 

Crossfire—Brandon Flowers (4:18)  Moderate climb.  In or out of the saddle, your choice.  Let the music dictate your pace. 

Cutdown—Matt & Kim (2:52)  Fast seated flat.  The finish is right around the corner.

Vox Populi—30 Seconds to Mars (5:43)  Our big dramatic finish.  Let your intensity match the drama of the song.  30 second stair steps.  Heavy resistance, like a climb in the saddle.    

What You Thought You Need—Jack Johnson (5:27)  Cool down and stretch. 

With the summer right on top of us there will be some changes coming to WSC-Alexandria Group Exercise schedule.  I’ll post my part as soon as I get confirmation.  In the meantime, and despite the upcoming Independence Day holiday,  I plan to teach Saturday at 10am (unless I can find a sub, then I will be headed down to VA Beach for some sun.)

So, I guess maybe I’ll see you on Saturday….until then…



Hitting a Wall

May 3, 2010

Happy Monday!  Whoa!  It’s Monday, already?  Um, Sunday kind of got away from me, which is why my post for this week is a little late.  Sorry!  You know how I love consistency. 

I have an update for you…our Body Pump 73 launch was a success!  We had a great turn out last Monday evening & and an even greater one on Thursday.  Thanks to everyone who participated!  Check it out, it’s the awesome-foursome (doing their best to look tough.)

I hit a major musical road block last week when assembling our playlist for Saturday.  I didn’t like anything I heard, wanted more new music, and in general, just felt blah about every music suggestion iTunes was making.  I had to call in reinforcements:  my sister!  She had some great ideas, so if you like Saturday’s playlist I owe it all to her. 

Spinning #56:  Dueling Intervals  15 songs 47.2 minutes.  Find the playlist on iTunes by clicking here

Who Do You Love?—Ted Leo and the Pharmacists (4:15)  Warm Up.  Use the final 45 seconds to loosen up the upper body

Zero—Yeah Yeah Yeahs (4:26)  Begin to build the intensity.  30 second in the saddle, 30 second out. 

Marchin On (feat. One Republic)[Timbo Version]—Timbaland (4:12)  Climb—mostly seated with occasional standing surges. 

Heartbeat Song—The Futureheads (2:29)  Fast Flat, mostly seated, can stand as needed.  Keep your heart rate elevated

Battery Run—Thomas Newman (1:14) 1 minute to recharge your legs.  Grab a drink, towel off.  Back to work….

Bleed It Out—Linkin Park (2:44)  Short, steep climb.  Out of the saddle the whole time

Kill Me Carolyne—The Whigs (3:36)  Flat with cadence surges, elevate intensity by simulating a headwind

Laid—Better Than Ezra (2:28)  Easy flat road, recover. 

Talk to Me—Peaches (3:05)  Climb in the saddle, stand and climb on the chorus

Lights and Sounds—Yellowcard (3:28)  Standing run, sit and pick up the pace on the chorus

Bouncing Off the Walls—Sugarcult (2:21)  Easy Flat, catch your breath.  One more interval left

Well Thought Out Twinkles—Sliversun Pickups (4:02)  Last climb.  Increase every 30 seconds, stand when you need to.  

Ruby Soho—Rancid (2:38)  Keep just shy of heavy in the saddle, stand and run on the chorus

Song for the Waiting—Aron Wright (3:21)  Cool Down

It’s Because We’ve Got Hair—Tunng (3:03)  Stretch

I have some bad news and some good news.  Bad news first? Okay…I have another wedding to attend this weekend (no, that’s not the bad news) but I won’t be in town to teach 10am Spinning on Saturday morning.  Not to worry, I have arranged to have Beth cover the class again.  She’s such a great instructor! 

Good news time…as a part of WSC’s week-long “Get Active America”, I am teaching a little something special on Wednesday morning:  6:15am Cycle Circuit Master Class.  Sounds fancy, huh?  It’s 25minues of spinning followed by 30 minutes of resistance training.  We’ll be focusing on upper body/core work , but there may be some lunges and squats thrown in for fun.  Don’t forget….Cinco de Mayo, 6:15am get your cardio and strength training in early so you can celebrate with a margarita later. 

Want to hear the best part?  All guests of members may attend any Group Exercise class (including the regularly scheduled ones) for FREE during the week.  Yay!  Bring your friends and family!    


April Hustle Brings May Muscle

April 18, 2010

It’s that time again…time for another Body Pump release!  I know this is supposed to be a blog about spinning playlists and profiles, but Spinning and Body Pump complement each other nicely  (and I teach both formats, so that works out well.)  My Body Pump gang (Jen, Gigi & Roxane) and I are back together again to promote New Release 73.  Bring a friend and join us….

Monday April 26th @ 6:30pm WSC-Alexandria

Thursday, April 29th @ 7:00pm WSC-Clarendon

You don’t want to miss this!

now on to some spinning action.  Saturday’s class had a special guest in it:  my bro-in-law!  Once again his travels have led him in the DC direction & what better thing to do on a Saturday morning than attend my class.  I wanted to treat him to a serious spinning experience, so Friday evening I pulled out my master profile binder for some inspiration.  As I was flipping through the binder I kept saying to myself:  “I love that song…oh, I forgot about that one…when was the last time I played that”.   And so our profile and playlist was born:   

Spinning #55…just a bunch of songs I like thrown together.   12 songs, 46.3 minutes

Find the playlist on iTunes here

Warrior’s Dance—The Prodigy (5:13)  Warm up. Loosen up your legs, your upper body.  Relax and have fun.  Stretch the upper body at 3:00-3:30. 

Shake It Out—Manchester Orchestra (5:11)  Fast seated flat.  Grab a drink at 2:40-3:15 (when song slows) turn it into a moderate climb (seated or standing is rider’s choice)…little acceleration at the end. 

Silver and Cold—AFI (4:11)  Grab some water at the beginning of the song (it takes about 30 seconds for the beat to pick up).  Stair steps.  Hold the gear in the saddle, standing and run at the chorus (“nothing…”)  Feel the music, hear the acceleration in the beat and match it.  Go! 

Wavin’ Flag—K’naan (3:41)  Rolling hills…every 30 seconds change the resistance:  light, medium, heavy out of the saddle, and repeat….make it very heavy at 3:10(when the music slows down)

New York City—The Polyamorous Affair (4:03)  Let’s climb.  Add more resistance every minute.  Stand when you need to. 

Hey Driver—Lucky Boys Confusion (2:34)  Fly down the hill!  Recover where you need to. 

Young Lovers (Sam Sparro Edit)—Love Grenades (4:02)  Fast—Faster (on the chorus) standing, in the saddle, standing

Non-Dairy Creamer—Third Eye Blind (4:26) 

  • Seated Climb until 1:40
  • 1:40-3:10 Standing climb
  • 3:10-4:26 ease down the hill

Danger! High Voltage—Electric Six (3:35)  Stair steps.  30 seconds seated climb, 30 seconds run with resistance.  Alternate for the entire song. 

Back Porch—The Presidents of the United States of America—(3:00)  seated fast flat. Accelerate on the chorus.  Add resistance and bring it to a standing jog—run it faster on the chorus.  Breathe and stretch in the middle….Don’t touch the resistance, have a seat and push it. 

Come On Get Higher—Matt Nathanson (3:35)  Cool down

Wrong Turn—Jack Johnson (2:55)  Stretches

Did you happen to see me after spinning was over?  I ventured over to the dry cleaners, which is the standard post-spinning activity; but somehow the bro-in-law and I ended up at Unwined, tasting different a variety of red wines.  How did that happen?  Wine at 11 in the morning on a Saturday, when 20minutes prior I was sweating it out on a bike? 

 It wasn’t right.  No, it wasn’t, but it sure was fun (and tasty.)  But for the record, I do not advocate a glass of wine as a proper post-workout beverage.   

I am headed to the Outer Banks of North Carolina this week for one of my best friend’s weddings.  Since pre-wedding activities officially begin on Wednesday I have to miss a few of my classes.  But don’t worry, I found great replacements! 

Wednesday Body Pump at WSC-Springfield will be taught by Roxane

Saturday Spinning at WSC-Alexandria will be taught by Beth

No new playlist from me next week, but if you are lucky, maybe there will be a few wedding pictures instead. 

–Spin on!


Dancing with the…DVD

April 11, 2010

Dancing with the Stars may have provided the inspiration, but my best friend’s wedding has given us a deadline.  The wedding is in 2 weeks…which means it is go-time!  Time to break out the Dancing 101 DVD. 

(Glasses and a hat?!?  Yes, my friends, it’s been one of those Sundays.  If it weren’t for an unavoidable trip to the grocery store, I would still have my pajama pants on too.)

Back to these self-imposed dancing lessons…as part of the bridal party I feel the pressure to put on a good show on the dance floor.  And whether PJK likes it or not, he’s part of my diabolical dancing plan (insert evil laugh here)!  I even tried to get him to pose for an action shot of us dancing for blog.  You can see how well that turned out. 

In my mind we glide gracefully across the dance floor like Nicole & Derek…in reality, we look closer to Kate & Tony (am I the only one who feels really uncomfortable when Kate dances?  I wear a frowny-face the whole time—not unlike Kate herself).  I don’t know what’s wrong with us.  I can dance alone.   PJK is constantly dancing to his own made-up songs & rhythm, but when we get together we turn into two 13-year-old’s at a Junior High School Dance (circa 1991.)  You know what I’m talking about:  standing an arm’s length away, hands on hips and/or shoulders, feet shuffling side to side.  Pathetic and totally unacceptable.   We’ve got some work to do, and my expectations are DWTS-worthy.  Don’t worry Emily, I’ll make you proud with my fancy footwork!  

–by the way, if you have no idea who Nicole, Derek, Kate & Tony are, good for you!  We’ll just leave it at that.  Good for you.     

Find Saturday’s playlist on iTunes:  Spinning Spincycles #54

13 songs, 47.4minutes—try to keep yourself aerobic as we run through intervals…short recoveries are built in…don’t hold anything back 

Shadowplay—The Killers (4:07)  Warm up nice and easy.  Loosen up your legs, relax your upper body. 

For the Girl—The Fratellis (2:47)  Gradually start to increase bring up the intensity by picking up the pace and adding more gear.  Keep it comfortable, but start to feel the beginning of our work. 

Nothing Like You—Frightened Rabbit (3:06)   Add another gear…starting to feel heavy in the saddle, but still able to maintain a quick pace with the music.  Alternate 15 seconds in the saddle, 15 seconds out.  Feel your heart rate accelerate. 

Daylight Robbery—Imogen Heap (3:22) 

  • 1 minute running with resistance
  • 1minute30seconds seated climb (will need to add more resistance…stay aerobic, back off if you start to get breathless)
  • 1 minute seated flat for a quick recovery

Young Men Dead—The Black Angels (5:32)  Slow down your cadence.  Find your hill, hook into the beat…in the saddle x3minutes (when the music quiets down), advanced riders:  add another gear…everyone stand (run for the hills, pick up your feet, let’s go!)

You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb—Spoon (3:09) 

  • 1 minute seated flat recovery—take longer if you need it
  • Gradually bring up the intensity again…add more resistance and alternate in the saddle and out every 30 seconds. 

Machete—Moby (3:38)  Medium resistance in the saddle.  Find a gear that is heavy enough to make it challenging to keep a fast pace in the saddle.  Hands in position one or two.  Pick up the pace.  Quick pedal turn over.  Follow the music, when it slows…so do your feet. 

Conscience Killer—Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (3:45)  Same resistance.  Stand and run on the chorus (Cause it don’t mean all that much, does it? But we never really had a choice…) have a seat in between. 

Cut—Plumb (4:02)  Lighten up your load, take 1-2 minutes to recover.  Slow down, breathe, relax.  At 2 minutes ease back into a moderate seated climb.  Find a strong rhythm and smooth breathing pattern.  (Advanced riders, get a little heavier at 2:30).

Smells Like Teen Spirit—Nirvana (5:01)

  • Start in your seated climb from the previous song
  • At the Chorus:  Sprints on a hill (add resistance, come out of the saddle, overcome the gear & pick up the pace)
  • Lighten up for a quick recovery after….

REPEAT the whole sequence 2 more times!

Too Shy to Scream—AFI (2:57)  Last one…pick up the pace.  Moderate resistance, a bit of a challenge to keep the pace.  Start in a standing flat, sit and accelerate on the chorus (I die…)

Road—Nick Drake (2:00)  Cool Down

Falling Slowly—Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova (4:06)  Stretch

I have a crazy week ahead, with a lot of opportunities for you to see my smiling, albeit sweaty, face…

  • Monday 6:30pm Body Pump at WSC-Alexandria
  • Tuesday 6:15am Spinning at WSC-Alexandria
  • Tuesday 6pm Body Pump at WSC-Clarendon (I’m substituting for Gigi)
  • Wednesday 6pm Body Pump at WSC-West Springfield
  • Thursday 6:15am Spinning at WSC-Alexandria (I’m substituting for Beth)
  • Saturday 10am Spinning at WSC-Alexandria

 Whew, I hope I’m not forgetting anything!


Happy Easter!

April 4, 2010

As you have probably figured out, holidays for me are associated with some sort of dietary indulgence/sweet treat….and this weekend was no different.  As much as I wanted to handout Cadbury marshmallow peeps to my dedicated spinners on Saturday morning…have some sugar, corn syrup, gelatin & a bunch of artificial flavors… I just couldn’t & wouldn’t do that. 

Instead everyone got their choice of Twin Cakes’ Vanilla Kremes, Cocoa Kremes, or Brownie Bites.  Yum!  And I don’t even feel guilty.  Why?  Because these delicious treats are:  Raw, alkaline, vegan & gluten-free (in addition to be totally mouth-watering!)  Love it!   

The twins were even nice enough to individually wrap each little snack bite so our sweaty post-ride fingers wouldn’t get sticky as we were reaching into the goodie bags. 

Thank you Michelle & Lori!  Check out their blog for their story & more info on eating raw:  Pure2Raw.

A lot of exciting changes have been happening in my life lately.  Which is all good…except those things left me a little short on time this week to create a new profile & playlist that was worthy.  I decided to use one from Jan 9th with a few modifications.  It was originally intended to be ridden as high intensity sliding intervals.  But I wasn’t getting that vibe from the class on Saturday.  Instead I just taught it like a good old fashioned interval class.  The profile is 4 repeating blocks of work, each with same sequence of movements and a recovery in between. 

As I mentioned at the end of class on Saturday, most of my playlists I like…but some of them…some of them I love.  This is one of those that I love! 

Find this playlist on iTunes at Spinning Spincycles #53 12 songs, 47.8 minutes


Houses—Great Northern (4:18)


Save the Lies—Gabriella Cilmi (3:39)  0-1:52 Seated Flat….1:52-3:30 Standing Flat

 Closer to the Edge—30 Seconds to Mars (4:33) 0-1:30 Seated Climb……1:30-3:20 Standing Climb…..3:20-4:33 Seated Climb


Dancing With Myself—The Donnas (3:28)  0-1:00 Seated Flat….1:00-1:58 Seated Flat…..1:58-3:28 Standing Flat

Surround—In-Flight safety (4:39)  0- 1:13 Seated Climb…..1:13-3:22 Standing Climb…..3:22-4:39 Seated Climb


I’m Your  Daddy—Weezer (3:09)  Seated Flat (75-80%)  Back off and breathe.  Take this recovery where you need it to be.  Two more blocks of work are ahead. 


Beautiful Thieves—AFI (3:46)  0-1:50 Seated Flat…..1:50-3:46 Standing Flat

Push It—Garbage (4:03)    0-1:15 Seated Climb…..1:15-1:57 Standing Climb……1:57-4:03 Seated Climb


Mrs. Robinson (Remastered)—The Lemonheads (3:46)     0-1:00 Seated Flat  Relax and breathe.  Recharge your legs and recover.   1:00-2:00 Seated Flat Back to work………………2:00-3:46 Standing Flat

Don’t Look Back In Anger (Live at Wembley Stadium, 2000)—Oasis (5:28)    0-1:33 Seated Climb…….1:33-3:00 Standing Climb…….3:00-4: 49 ** Seated Climb (**one suggestion:  fast forward to end of the song because of some potentially offensive words)


Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa—Vampire Weekend (3:35)

All We Are—Matt Nathanson (3:37)

And so, the eggs have been hunted.  The chocolate bunnies have been eaten.  And the ___________ (insert drink of your choice…for me, the summer Sangria made an early appearance this weekend) has been drunk.  Easter is officially over. 

–‘Till next week!